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Quest Of Th​e Unknown

Australian and New Zealand Paranormal Experienced and Qualified

soula Raven Vaitsis, is a Paranormal Investigator, Researcher, Heyoka Empath, Sensitive, Healer and very knowledgeable in Demonology.

She has experienced the supernatural and paranormal from the young age of 7. Her experiences lead her to research the paranormal and to understand what was happening around her, some 28 years ago and the study of demonology for 13 years to date.

Her passion is to help people who are experiencing paranormal and supernatural issues, and sharing her experiences and knowledge with others.

Her drive and passion for this field, created the idea of this book to unite the experienced and qualified in Australia and New Zealand, and that people will have the right people to ask for help no matter what state they are in.

The people in this 1st edition, are some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s, knowledgeable, experienced and qualified in the paranormal and supernatural filed.

Soula Raven Vaitsis also offers in this book, basic essential knowledge about the field and paranormal investigating and researching based on her experiences and working with other like-minded and experienced people.


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